A new IGA supermarket opened its doors November 18 in Quebec.

SD Réfrigération performs a first in Quebec

A new IGA supermarket opened its doors November 18 in Quebec.

The IGA grocery Sources located rue de l’Hétrière is the first in the Greater Quebec to be equipped with a refrigeration system with CO2.

Installed by the SD Réfrigération, Quebec, this ultra-modern system is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce energy costs and recover heat that is lost with conventional systems. The CO2 gas is very well suited to Canadian conditions and allow substantial savings on heating bills.

SD Réfrigération Company, whose origins date back to 1957, noted that CO2 system is more expensive than a conventional system but said that this gas costs 8 to 10 times less expensive than synthetic coolant. Moreover, synthetic refrigerant gases are up to 3.900 times more damaging to the environment than CO2.

SD Réfrigération believes that the IGA grocery Sources will reduce 895 tons annually releases greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

The owner of this supermarket, Alain Gagné, is very proud of his new store, especially as its refrigeration system CO2 allows him to contribute significantly to protecting the environment.

« I am convinced that within a few years, this system has been adopted by all companies that use refrigeration systems, although not yet proven. If I had not seized the opportunity to do my part to protect the environment, I would have regretted later. As an entrepreneur, I have a social responsibility. This is not about marketing. « 

CO2 is known for a very long time. The first patent for its use in a refrigeration system was granted in 1850. CO2, however, was abandoned in 1930 in favor of synthetic gas R12, manufactured by the company Dupont de Nemours. He later proved that the R12 was causing significant damage to the ozone layer. When the gas which subsequently replaced the R12, they have the particularity to contribute heavily to global warming (greenhouse gases).

The CO2 has made a comeback in Europe in the early 2000s. Unlike European systems, the system installed by SD Réfrigérationis unique because it does not use electricity to perform the defrost.

The Groupe CSC, which is associated SD Refrigeration since 1996, is the first to develop a machine running at 100% CO2 and had a defrost by hot gas at low pressure. The deicing system was established to Groupe CSC the biggest challenge, but today is truly « Mission Accomplished » ..

Mario Dutil, co-owner of SD Réfrigération and renowned mountaineer, was enthusiastic about the project to use CO2 to operate at 100% a refrigeration system.

« I carbide challenges, » he said. It is important not to say that something is impossible. It will motivate me to seek by every means to break down barriers. The CO2 system is the system of the future in the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I believe cooling systems are the biggest destroyers of the ozone layer. CO2 is a first step to turn the tide in the refrigeration sector. The current technology was not available. CO2 systems therefore allow us to innovate. « 

SD Réfrigération & Groupe CSC work in partnership since 1996. Serge Dubé sought a business partner to help develop the market for refrigeration in supermarkets. Owners of SD Refrigeration, Mario Dutil and Alain Simoneau, have decided to join him and the following year, the engineer Luc Simard joined them for the design of refrigeration system.

CSC Group has 38 patents on CO2 gas system installed by SD Refrigeration, which company holds the exclusive rights for the whole of eastern Quebec. And this is only the beginning.

To date, Groupe CSC as trained 2 SD Refrigeration technicians to perform installation and servicing the system. Other technicians also benefit from training in the months ahead.

SD Réfrigération account on the Internet to expand its market cooling but also play an important role and become a leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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