Energy savings at home

People all over the world are taking measures to reduce the greenhouse gases emitted as a result of the way they live. Turning the heating thermostat down, and the air conditioning up, by 1.5deg saves around 1 tonne of CO2 (carbon dioxide) a year. An energy- efficiency refrigerator could save nearly half a tonne of CO2 a year, compared with an older model. Insulating windows, doors, and electrical outlets and adding more insulation to the attic and basement reduces energy consumption. Compact fluorescent, spiral light bulbs are 75 per cent more efficient than standard light bulbs.

Energy savings on the road Keeping tyres optimally inflated uses less fuel and cuts down emissions. Driving at 8 kmh below the speed limit over an 13km commute to work saves 350kg of CO2 a year.

Reducing Garbage

On average a person throws away 10 times his or her bodyweight in rubbish a year. One kilogram sent to landfill produces 2kg of methane.


Source: The Atlas of Climate Change

Mapping the World’s Greatest Challenge


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