Leader of innovation in food refrigeration for a long time, the owner of CSCs inc. Serge Dube and his team have finally developed a revolutionary system, much greener. The IGA Drolet and Paquette Coteau-du-Lac is one of the pioneers in using this technology.
Opened last June, the supermarket Coteau-du-Lac is the first business to use technology Eco2 System, developed by CSC to the Coteaux inc. This technology, using CO2 as refrigerant and benefiting from a worldwide patent, is incredibly more environmentally friendly than conventional technologies.
Improved energy efficiency
While CO2 is linked to global warming, it becomes a true ally to the environment in the Eco2 System. With greater reliability (less loss of coolant) and a much better performance refrigeration (six to eight times higher than that of synthetic refrigerants), CO2 technology Serge Dube leads to emissions of greenhouse gases emissions (GES) emissions up to 3900 times lower than current technologies. Moreover, the Eco2 System includes a method of recovering heat food retailers offering the traditional heating of any establishment. « This system allows considerable savings in energy costs and maintenance costs for buyers, in addition to being environmentally friendly, » enthuses Serge Dube. In the bargain, the Eco2 System guarantees a better conservation and optimum freshness of food.
Hard work
For the owner of the company is finally mission accomplished. Those who worked for about 15 years the development of the Eco2 System has finally arrived at its third and final version. Eco2 System, was born there a year ago, is already marketed in three locations in Quebec. « The CO2 refrigeration technology already existed, » says Serge Dubé, but our strength has been to develop a system easily adaptable to any supermarket, of all sizes and even with existing systems.  »

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