Hiking GPS

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Today’s finest hand-held GPS units are being used for more than just driving. As a issue of fact more people are using portable hand held GPS units than automobile units. Many of the uses for these units include geocaching, camping, and more importantly hiking.

If you are an avid outdoorsman, even one that is very useful with a map, you have no doubt lost your bearings in the wilderness. In addition to being upsetting, it can moreover be very precarious and nerve racking. Well, there is no need for directionally challenged persons to get lost anymore, with the introduction of Hiking GPS units from manufacterers like Garmin. These units will take out the discomfort of what trails head where, and more importantly, which trail leads back to camp.

Hiking GPS units are really no different then the GPS units inside your vehicle or boat. Basically a satellite receiver, the hiking GPS receives signals from approximately 8-10 satellites and approximates your location on an uncomplicated to read map. These signals can be read from almost anywhere on the planet with little exeptions. So, thanks to the innovation expertise in today’s hiking GPS units you can take your hiking adventures anywhere in the world. Another significant quality of hiking GPS units is their battery life. Typically requiring two double A batteries, the life extent is usually more than 72 hours of uninterrupted use.

One of the biggest features of hiking GPS units is their ruggability. Frequently encased in a shockproof and waterproof container, these GPS units can take the worst of what you have to offer. And when you’re out on the trails that can be alot. While the majority of today’s hiking GPS units are waterproof they are not submersible. However, they will handle the strongest of storms that you may get stuck in.

One of the best GPS units for hiking is the Garmin 60CSX. This hiking GPS has several features that make hiking the longest and toughest trails a piece of cake. The waypoint feature lets you mark your initial point as well as crucial points along the trail. In addition to waypointing, the 60CSX will also track you back to your primary starting point assuring you never lose where camp is again. Another element of this hiking GPS unit is the capacity to upload topographic maps. This option will help you determine the altitude and contours of the trails your hiking. While a number of GPS units can be picked up for less expensive prices than the 60CSX, very few have the same options and add-ons.


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